Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's a proper thank you for a really generous person?

How do you adequately thank someone who just saved you $600 in medical bills, just 'cause she's never heard of a case as bad as yours in the hundreds of molar pregnancies she's dealt with?

I'm super bad at writing thank yous, and even worse at sending them when I do write them. I just prefer to show my gratitude in paying it back through friendship somehow. But this lady, I might never see again. So brainstorm with me.

I should also say, that with everything that's been happening, yeah it's been hard, but I keep saying that so long as everything's taken care of financially, I don't even care what else happens.

....looks like I have another reason to be truly grateful tonight.

*Hint on gift ideas: She has a prosthetic foot. Maybe I could get her some nail polish?


  1. oooh flowers are a good idea. also, you could send her a pound of chocolate. that is like, the standard gift in my family.