Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Funny Because I Don't Have Kids Yet

Twoish months ago, I started a trend where I was wearing makeup about as often as I was not wearing makeup. (Still with me?) It came down to a very important decision in the mornings: Do you want sleep, or do you want to look like a sexy (married) beast for all the (single) men's hairs you will be cutting today? Guess which one won. But, being vain, I couldn't go without BOTH. The choice became more defined: Hair? Or makeup? I would choose hair (usually). I'm a hairdresser. Duh.

About a month ago, I basically stopped altogether. Both decisions. I am currently growing my hair out because it is easier to pull into a bun when you have more than 3 inches of hair on your head, as has been my trend over the past 22 months. So, that goes into a messy bun (can it be a bun if it still sticks out?) with exactly two bobby pins to hold the short layers in place. Get a little silky-smooth on my face and I am ready to go!

Pros of my new lifestyle:
1. More sleep.
2. No pressure to ALWAYS look hot.
3. Chris notices 0 difference between makeup'd me/non-makeup'd me. Even though on some days when I wear makeup, he's like, "You look so nice today!" and can't figure out why.
4. Now, when I get all dolled up (read: get dressed, do hair AND makeup, maybe even some body spray oooOOOOoooohhh!), I can look in the mirror and say - "Day-um girl!! You lookin' fiiiiiinneeee!!!! Yeah, you are welcome...."
5. More sleep.
6. Chris no longer has to ask me "Will you be ready in 5 minutes?" "Will you be ready in 10 minutes?" He is pleasantly surprised that I am responsible enough to realize that one activity in three must go - sleep, hair, makeup.
7. More sleep.

1. I now feel officially married and old.
2. I have started this trend before even conceiving my first child.
3. I always SWORE I never makeup to impress anyone but me. Was I - OMG - lying?!?!!
4. I rarely look hot. Not that I need to pickup anyone, but knowing that I'm at least attractive gives a nice boost to my day.

On the Undecided side, all I have is that I've tried to track if I get more tips on days I don't vs. do wear makeup. And I will whore myself out for all the tips I can get in this stingy town. Results are inconclusive at this point.

Anyone else feeling this? Maybe it's something in the water......


  1. You crack me up!!! Hilarious! See I am a stay at home mom so I don't even get out of my sweats most days.....and the days I do shower and get ready I put my sweats back on. Yeah the glamorous life I live! At least I am always comfy!

  2. I have definitely fallen into this trap, too, Rosie. I loved this post - I felt like I was reading about my own life...except insert Dylan instead of Chris, and content editor instead of hairdresser, and the fact that I stare at a computer screen every day instead of actually interacting with people, and you've got me :) Oh, and the fact that you look a heck of a lot better without makeup than I do.

  3. That's my girl! Always logical, you are.

    You are WELcome.

  4. Next thing you know, three months will have passed without you shaving your legs once...

    Hilarious post!

  5. HAHA! I love this. I get in a rut too- so lately I make it twice a week where I get fully done up usually date night and Sundays. HA! But my husband notices a huge difference. Lucky to have such natural beauty my friend! =)