Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

When the snow came down on Sunday, I wasn't worried because duh, I'm from Missouri and I can handle a good amount of snow on the roads. Nevertheless, I have a husband from Montana (it never stops snowing there), so I asked him for some advice for driving in the snow.

Nevermind that I asked for this advice after I had burned out some tires on our friend's driveway/parking lot...

He told me that I was supposed to go really slow when driving out of a snowy patch, and the worst thing I could do was to "gun it" trying to get out. Probably common sense, and I bet I knew that once upon a time, but - I forget things sometimes.

SO, there I am, on my way home from Zumba (PS I'm not a dancer. Not organized dancing, anyway. I can shake it on my own though!), and I try out his little trick, and voila!! It was beautiful! I went excruciatingly slow, but still - I made it out of another driveway, and no burning rubber!

I came home and told him the good news. I don't know why he wasn't surprised.

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  1. In your defense, us Show Me people drive on ice more than snow. Not that "gunning it" does us much good on one or the other; and more often than not we need to be "shown" correct procedures quite a few times before we believe them. Thomas ain't got nothing on a Missouri Mule, or so my mother taught me...by example no less.