Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Whenever I hear the song "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz, this is how I envision it being written.

Reporter: "So, what is it you do, exactly?"
Taio Cruz: "I throw my hands up in the air."

Reporter: "How often?"
Taio Cruz: "Sometimes."

Reporter: "Do you ever say anything while doing this?"
Taio Cruz: "A-YO! Gotta let go!"

Reporter: "Why do you do this? What do you want to do?"
Taio Cruz: "I want to celebrate and live my life!"

Reporter: "How do you plan on doing this?"
Taio Cruz: "We gon' rock this club, we gon' go all night. We gon' light it up like it's dynamite!"

Reporter: "Excuse me?"
Taio Cruz: "I told you once - now I told you twice! We gon' light it up like it's dynamite."

I could go on. But you imagine the rest for me.


  1. hahaha i love this! Funniest thing is this is your ringtone on my phone! =) hahah

  2. Hahaha I love they song!! Miss you!