Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Ugly Cut

I work at a barbershop where the (de-)motivator of our week is our $5 cut day! Considering that every other day, regular cuts are only $7, you'd think this wasn't such a huge deal - no matter what, it's a definite steal - but most of the families in town seem to plan their entire week around the day their kids need "just a trim." And rightly so - the wait can be over an hour with six stylists working, doing 3-5 cuts/hour.

There is a style going around that is hideous to Caucasians or anyone with style, but bound to get some Latin guys a girl - or so they think. I get requests for it all too often. I tried to find a picture of said style, but after searching "latin male, bangs stick straight up" and "latin male haircuts," all I found was this picture of Cameron Diaz, though surprisingly close to what they're asking for:

Except, imagine that her hair not defying gravity is 1/4" long.

I'm not kidding.

The other day, a particularly picky mom came in and asked for said style for her young son, making it clear that I was only to take a half-inch off the top. Being a hairdresser, I naturally took this to mean that I should go shorter (though not by much, I'm working on it) and soon I took to my habit and cut myself with scissors. While I was playing nurse to my finger, the mother came over and started to get worked up about how I took WAY too much off (I didn't) and that I should just buzz it because it wouldn't look right.

"Looks like you messed up there, too," she snarled, pointing to a spot where I nicked his hairline in a little deep. There was no sympathy for my bleeding finger.

"Honey. I have news for you. That style looks atrocious. I was doing your son a favor." Well, I didn't say it, but I would have liked to.

However, she became quite angry, and after muttering completely audible insults, on her way out she declared that it was "worth the $13 to get his hair cut somewhere else." (It still blows my mind that she thinks $13 was already too expensive.)

However, on our last $5 day, I had two boys in, about the same age, who were adamant that his bangs not even be touched.

So I asked the little boy, "Have you ever been here before?"

"Yes," he replied, somewhat shyly.

"Did someone cut your bangs too short, and your mommy got mad?"

"Yes." He smiled this time.

Oddly enough, she never came in.

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  1. You know, the rampant stupidity of people (when money is involved) astounds me. It shouldn't. I mean it really shouldn't. But it still does. One would think that reality television and Black Friday would have hammered the point home.

    What's worse to imagine is that the majority of these people share our faith. I shake my head and sigh.

    In retaliation for their brazen inhumanity, I offer you a virtual super awesome deluxe quintuple chocolate fudge five layer cake as an offering of my love and appreciation for you. And since its virtual you don't have to worry about calories or weight gain!

    Sorry about your de-motivational day and your finger. Give yourself a hug from us and know that we love you.