Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Roomies!

And by roomies, I mean additions to our apartment. No, I'm not pregnant. Just wanted to clear that up - but if you ask me to my face, I will always tell you I am.

We went to Montana, and stopped by the pet store so I could look at puppies, as I often request to do. While there, Chris decided to buy a goldfish for their backyard pond. Chris, being the funny guy he is, asked, "How much for the brown goldfish in the bottom corner?" The girl said it was a tadpole (oh, really?) and it was FREE since it shouldn't have been in there, and we could have it as long as we *promised* not to set it free so it didn't offset the local population or something like that. Well, I was reluctant about bringing it home, but Chris was so excited about it - how could I resist? So, here is our new bullfrog tadpole, Squishy.

Isn't he cute? Well, I hate him but Chris loves him so I guess I like him. Don't tell the landlord.

Next, my mother in law found a black widow by our bed. Scary? I think so. But then we found him because when my brother in law killed it, he disregarded its cleanup. So. Does this not look like a squashed black widow to anyone else?

Maybe I am just telling myself that, but we'll see. Ew. I can't believe I posted a squished spider on my blog. How gross am I??!?!

Last but not least, we have a new, b-e-a-U-tiful camera, the likes of which I have been on my knees begging for for months - metaphorically speaking. It looks a little something like this:

Without this little beauty, this blog wouldn't have been possible. We've been basically camera-less for a couple months - Chris' mission one doesn't respond well to our tactile commands, and I dropped mine in the rain in Missouri a year ago and my sister found it about 30 minutes later. Poor guy never did recover. And so, my search for a new, easy to use, functional, step above a point and shoot but below professional camera began. And this one entered our life in the funniest way.
If course, I browsed the local electronics departments for a camera, but my real treasure finder was KSL. I'd see a camera at a reasonable price, then go to to see if it was any good or just a POS some dishonest creep was trying to get off his hands (in UTAH?!! noo...). I found a point and shoot, and was about to buy it, but Chris and I went to their apartment to see if it was functional, good pictures, etc. It was a quaint apartment in west Provo, and the couple was nice but incredibly awkward, and we ended up rejecting their goods because we wanted something a little more upscale - but told them we were looking for an underwater. At the time we were, but later decided we'd just use a disposable for the two times a year we might want submerged pictures. The husband said their regular pictures weren't as good anyway.
For a while, I forgot my search and went about my life, but one night, about a month later, I got on KSL on a whim and found my little baby up there. I was adamant about seeing it - the guy was selling it to the first buyer with cash, and there were no, I mean NO bad reviews on any site about it. And it was a third what the full price option was. I called to see why he was selling - I guess he got a nicer one, this was only 6 months used, blah blah I'm rich with money to burn blah blah. We went. We saw the address. And wouldn't you know - it was the same a couple as before!!! We almost didn't go in, but decided we'd buy it even if we hated it, just so we didn't reject the same people twice. Awkward!
The husband opened the door and said hello, then hello when he saw who we were. We joked about how he said, "Decided not to go with the underwater?" a little too judgmentally, tested the little guy, exchanged cash and went on our way.
We saw their picture in a ward bulletin in our stake building the next day, so I can't wait to take awkward pictures with them in the background at our opening social. With our sweet, sweet Nikon Coolpix L100.

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  1. Ok, so you seriously have the greatest stories! How do you do it?