Friday, June 18, 2010

Vanity & Heartbreak

I was on my way to pick up Chris, and I saw a Hummer (south of campus - what is it doing in the hood?) with the license plate "Vanity2." Well, honey, you don't need a license plate to tell us. You're driving a Hummer. We know. My next thought was why they had the 2, so I wondered who had taken the precious "Vanity1." (simply "Vanity" didn't occur to me until just now.)

Not four hours later, I pull out of Target, and who do I pull up to but a sleek Beemer with the plate "Vanity1."


Later, I was radio station searching and Taio Cruz was singing about his heartlessness, which I had gotten enough of when I changed another station, and this is what I heard...

103.9: "I'm only gonna break break your, break break..."
100.7: "...your heart. I'm only gonna bre..."
103.9: "ak break, your, break break your..."
100.7: "...heart. I'm only gonna break break your..."

Needless to say, I switched back and forth entertaining myself until Ludacris interrupted the syncopation.

PS I have been married for six whole months. Let's see what Chris has planned for tonight...