Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-al-co-hol

Just kidding.

Seen on a t-shirt:

Never will I ever see that and NOT laugh. I found it on a website with hilarious shirts, and this one's a good one too. They are especially lethal for me to browse at night. Even though I've seen the shirts tons of times, I will bust a gut everysingletime I look at them. In a world of unsure times, of not knowing what will happen tomorrow, THAT, my friends, is consistency.

Tomorrow night, the husband and I will attend a wedding reception, but he doesn't know that I'm mostly going for the half-naked Polynesian dancers covered in oil so you can stick money on them for the bride and groom. (Oh, right - and I'm friends with the bride.) All I had to say was, "unlimited wings!!" and he was in. I may not have the guts to go stick on some money, but if I do....well, let's just say it's lucky for him that it's V-day weekend and he can win back my affections by buying me something nice and pretty. Like a diamond.

Or a puppy! Our ward gave us a paper to fill out with the three things we're most worried about as a couple, and I was only honest on one of them - the third, where I admitted I was worried about us getting a puppy. I'm not kidding - Chris would have it in for me. Regardless, I might come home with one this weekend after the Petsmart adoption event. Sure, we'll get kicked out of our apartment, but we'll have each other. Well, he'll have me and I'll have Summer. (Big Daddy if I get a boy.)

Wish me luck!!

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