Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, looks like I got married!!! Crazy, since the last time I wrote I wasn't even dating anyone, but life happens, and *poof* marriage just happens to people. Haha, just kidding. We chose to.

Well Chris and I met in the ward, he lived downstairs and I lived upstairs and he'll say I stalked him but I say he stalked me. We hung out a few times - including the masquerade I showed in the last post - and he won me over with his charm and manliness, and I won him with my loud laugh and I-don't-care-what-people-think attitude. I knew that would get me somewhere! Our first date was climbing a mountain, and it's amazing that, even seeing how out of shape I was compared to how manly he was, he still wanted to go out with me!

This is us on our back-breaking first date. Okayokay it wasn't that bad, but it's not something I'd do unless I really wanted to go out with the guy

This is us in Missouri at Adam-Ondi-Ahman. You'll notice the difference from Missouri and Utah/Montana pictures through the ridiculous humidity --> my hair sticking to my face!

We then went to Montana, and brought along one of his mission friends, David. He's from Brazil and speaks barely any English so Chris got to play Translator and I got to learn Portugese! In a week!

Us in Montana, riding one of Chris' horses. Oh yeah he's a cowboy.

And, of course, the wedding

Our amazing photographer, Julie Duke - soon Julie Cannon! Check out her work -

Nice, timeless. Love it

Everyone needs a jumping picture! But I tell you what, plan on a light wedding dress or strong legs, 'cause without one you won't get up too high



Chris THINKS he's funny

Just learning the options my computer has with color imaging

My BFF's for the past 4 years - loveyouloveyouloveyou

My hair school girls and also some of my greatest friends

We are in love.

And that's it!! See you in a few months or so...

Rosanne BICK!