Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh hey, a month later

Ever since I've started doing hair school and BYU simultaneously, people have wondered at how exactly I can keep up with performing at two schools in one semester, especially being that it's my senior year and by far the hardest semester of classes I've ever had at BYU. My initial, practiced response is that I have learned how to balance my time better than ever before, that I have to learn what's most important and do the homework that corresponds with whatever is demanding that week. I've been able to focus on my studies and work with what I have, and I absolutely know that this is going to be so beneficial for me, so that helps to motivate me. How can I give up on something I know is so good and so right?

So yeah. That's how I went into this semester thinking. Let me give the answer my roommates and close friends know is more like me. I started out this semester motivated, as always, and that exhilaration lasted longer than normal. I am determined to do well this semester; with just enough time and energy for the only 3 classes I have left at BYU, I have no room to slack. Or so I imagine. Realistically, the way I've survived is by taking more breaks than I should, sleeping in to get the rest I need because the previous day wore me out so much, eating more chocolate than is reasonably healthy, and being more social than I originally allow time for. With the intense stress of getting these four months over with, demanding, crucial, and extremely difficult in so many ways, I realize more than ever the need to stay close to the things that keep me connected to this world, or I will go insane.

It makes me think that often times, we make life more dramatic than it should be. Complaining about the hard times, when in reality, I cannot recall a time in my life when my difficulties have surpassed my blessings, and as long as I hold strong, it will never happen. Now, actually being able to focus on and recognize those blessings is another story, buuuuut I think it's definitely worth a shot, every time.

Oh yeah. I turned 22, Thanksgiving happened and, well...I'll update for realz soon.