Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Back to the old

Learninglearninglearning. It's all I seem to be doing, and I love it. Especially when that learning consists of me learning that I learned what I was supposed to learn wrong for a test I took, but learning now how it is that I have to study for the next one so I don't bomb again.

Learn is kind of a weird word.

Two songs I'm currently obsessed with:
Big Apple Heartbreak - Yellowcard
Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
Learn them. Love them. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Two people I'm currently obsessed with, in non-sexual ways:
Clarence Pimptown
Amanda Hansen
Because I need a lot more laughter in my life right now. No, wait. Always.


  1. I didn't know you had a blog!!! I miss your stinkin guts girl!! I hope you are doing well! How is life? How's school? I want to see you soon! I love my Rosie!!!

  2. RO FO! I am blushing.

    Thank you for the shout out.
    I too am ever so grateful for your friendship. It is always a good time when we get together.