Thursday, October 16, 2008

God's Sense of Humor

At Paul Mitchell the other night, we were having this great discussion about how none of us have time to work out anymore, but we all still eat like there's no tomorrow. Since I'd had a steady diet of cookie dough, cereal and hot chocolate for the past few days to celebrate the premature winter, I was feeling pretty stressed about not being able to exercise as much as I'd like (i.e. at all). So, in a desperate attempt to gain some kind of ability to not gain 20 pounds by Christmas, I prayed that somehow I'd be given more opportunities to at least be more active during the day.

Later that same day, I was walking home while having an intense discussion with my friend Emily Dyer (who has inspired an upcoming post). I got all the way to Stonebridge, which is 1.5 blocks away from home and completely off campus, when I saw a sheet of paper sticking out of my binder. The same sheet of paper I then realized I had to make a complete 180 and return to campus for-and then make the trip back-for I was supposed to turn it in before 5PM. And I just started laughing. I'm fairly certain God just chuckles with us sometimes too. In good news, He does answer prayers.


  1. ROSANNE!!!! I found you! The funny part is is that you are a follower of our blog. :) I love this post. I agree that God has to have a sense of humor.

  2. i love your posts they make me laugh!

  3. Usually I just pray that the ice cream I eat daily will have less detrimental health effects on me than it should.

    I worry that as a joke, God will make me have a near-fatal heart attack.

    p.s. I'm glad I found your blog!