Monday, October 6, 2008

Being from KC has never been better

I'm obsessed. Absolutely excited!!!!!!!!! When I heard the news about the temple in Kansas City, it was just a natural reaction to start screaming, jump on the couch, and then I sat down and started crying. I can't believe it. Twelve years ago, we took buses and overnight trips to Houston and Chicago. Then St. Louis was dedicated and it shortened our trips to 3-4 hours, depending on if Bishop was driving or not (he was faster). Now, there will be one no more than an hour and a half from where anyone lives, probably less. There are soooooooOOOOsosososo many worthy Saints out there who are going to love this, and who deserve it so much. AH I'm so excited!!!!! Haha and I got invited to go to that morning session...I'm very glad I declined because the world would have been graced with my screaming reflex, right before security came to escort me out.

Once, my niece asked me what my birth mark was. I told her I got burned in the hospital when I was a baby, and the next time I went over, my nephew Michael looked at me ever so sadly, then touched my birth mark and said "Roro burn burn?" He missed the part where I told them I was kidding...and it was hilarious. Also, I think I lied again and told them it was leprosy and my skin was falling off, and then my niece mentioned the story about Jesus and the 10 lepers, and Michael chimed in with all he knew about Jesus, so he jumped on the bed, proclaiming "Jesus died!! Jesus died!!" Haha. Yes, yes He did.

I saw two great movies this weekend: So I Married An Axe Murderer, and Kung Fu Panda. I'm fairly certain my major is turning me into a critic - something I know will go away when I graduate, but is hard to ignore when every class forces me to question everything I think I've ever known. Movies are great fun, and I literally analyze everything in them. O, the joys of college.


  1. hey! i'm so glad i found your blog. so yeah, the temple in kc is going to be awesome! i was pretty much hysterical when i found out. i was thinking the same thing - i'm glad i wasn't in the conference center because i probably made about 5 phone calls and sent a bunch of texts right after lol. yay for kc!